Professional Saddle Fitting

Professional Saddle Fitting

How long has it been since your horse's saddle was checked by an expert?

A proper fitting saddle is essential to safe and comfortable riding, and to your horses health. In addition to selling top-of-the-line branded saddles, Louise, founder and owner of "The Tack Shack", is the person who will make sure that you not only get a great saddle, but that it is a great saddle that fits YOUR horse and your style of riding - whether that be dressage saddles, jumping saddles or general purpose saddles… a “tailor made” saddle to fit horse and rider.

“The Tack Shack don't just give you a saddle. Louise makes sure that there is an optimum fit for the individual horse and rider combination. Additionally, she keeps in touch to make sure that the fit is adjusted as and when required if the horse changes shape through age, fitness or condition. I go to Louise because she gives real ongoing customer support and follow up” Racheal -Markfield

Have a look The saddles are made from the finest quality English materials and use master craftsmen to ensure the finished product is truly exceptional. You can have a look for yourself by looking at the website or better still, pop in to 26 Field Street Shepshed.

1 hour to ensure YOU’RE safe in the saddle …

If you would like to arrange a saddle fitting just call The Tack Shack and talk to Louise, who’ll discuss your saddle requirements and make an appointment time for you.

The fitting process takes about 1 hour and consists of the following steps:.

Step 1 Initial discussion of the horse and riders background including riding experience, activities, and requirements.

Step 2 Hands-on assessment of the horse’s conformation and gait, including … .

Step 3 … full measurements and templates being made, taking into account any bespoke requirements and individual characteristics of either the horse or the rider thereby giving you a saddle that is tailor made to suit both you and your horse.

Step 4 You will then be able to ride your horse using the recommended 2-3 options of saddle in your usual riding environment. For those who have bought saddles in the past, this is frequently a fun session where you get to put the saddles to the test and then together we select the one that is “just right” for you.

Step 5 Finally, you have the opportunity for a question/answer session with Louise about anything that may still be on your mind about your new saddle.

FAQ Is a deposit required? Yes,. Once an order has been made we will then require a deposit of 50% of the estimated cost.

How long will it take before the saddle is ready? Under normal circumstances your saddle will be ready for fitting within two weeks.

What happens at the fitting? On delivery of your saddle we will re-visit to fit the saddle and make any final adjustments. Our priority is the fit and performance of your saddles. This usually takes about 1 hour.

Is there a follow-up check? To ensure that your horse continues to receive the freedom of movement which our unique saddles allow we recommend a second check up usually between 1 and 2 months after purchase. This is entirely up to you of course, but its strongly recommended because it’s a common occurance that changes occur to your horses top line within the first few months of fitting the new saddle.

How often should a saddle be checked? Future refits are generally recommended every six months as your horse may change shape once you have your new saddle over time . One very important benefit for buying on of you saddles is that they can usually be easily adjusted to these changes without the need for replacing your saddle.

Do I need my trainer or vet at the fitting? We are happy to work in consultation with your trainers, veterinary surgeon and or physiotherapists throughout the fitting process.

Any further questions? Just call Louise on TEL 01509 505893

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